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Weeding and Weed Control

Weeding is one thing people don’t like doing. Lets face it you would rather spend your time doing things you enjoy. Let Advanced Mowing & Maintenance look after your gardens. We will keep them weed free with our weed control services.
The first step in weed prevention. The most cost-effective means of managing weeds, is preventing the entry of new weeds into your yard.
Once a weed has entered, early detection and removal is crucial to reduce its environmental impacts. It is much easier to treat weeds when present in small numbers than when they are well established. Early detection requires an awareness and understanding of the factors that favour the establishment and spread of weeds. Therefore applying appropriate management practices can prevent or reduce the risks. Plants from commercial nurseries, landscaping suppliers and gardening clubs can also be pathways for the introduction and spread of weeds. Another cause of weed spread is inappropriate use and disposal of garden waste. There are a large number of weeds in Australian gardens. Private gardens contain over 4000 plant species with weed potential. While botanic gardens hold approximately 5000 species of plants with weed potential. The likelihood that any particular plant will become a weed is difficult to predict. The CSIRO has estimated an average of 10 weed species establish in Australia each year.
The team at advanced mowing & maintenance are ready to assess, evaluate and start a weed control plan for your needs.
Our weeding services are perfect for removing unwanted weeds and maintaining your gardens. We will keep them weed free also neat and tidy. We have found that prevention is the most effective method of dealing with weeds. Once a weed has entered an area and become established, elimination is far more expensive. It also is likely that greater resources will be required to control its further spread and reduce its impact.

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